Noise Assessments

Identifibre Pty Ltd has experienced Occupational Hygienists that have the expertise and experience to provide an independent, comprehensive noise assessments designed to keep your employees safe and meet all your legal obligations.

Noise assessments are conducted throughout the workplace using specialised equipment called sound level meters. 

As an employer you must identify, assess and control the noise risk to your employees and others. OHS/WHS Regulations stipulate that employers have a duty of care to ensure that:

•    Employees are not exposed to noise which can harm their health and safety
•    Hearing protection and signage is provided if noise is over the Noise Exposure Standard
•    Audiometric testing of employees is provided if they are required to wear hearing protection 

Once a noise risk has been identified, you must carry out an Occupational Noise Assessment within the workplace, and every 5 years at a minimum.

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