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Asbestos Sample Testing

Identifibre Pty Ltd is a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) endorsed laboratory for analysis of bulk samples of building materials and soil samples for the presence of asbestos.

With an experienced team of analysts we offer a variety of turnaround times to suit budget and time restrains. We understand asbestos is a hazardous material and can shut down work sites, so we endeavour to provide results in the quickest possible time.

We offer three asbestos sample analysis turnaround times to suit all budgets and time restrains;

• Same day turnaround – $132.00
• Next day turnaround –   $99.00
• Standard turnaround –  $77.00
(results in approx. 3-5 days)

all prices are per sample and include GST and reporting.

Air Monitoring & Clearance Certificates

Identifibre Pty Ltd is a National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) accredited laboratory with extensive experience in the asbestos industry.

We can help you understand the requirements of both the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations (VIC) 2017 and the Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations 2011. Identifibre offers all hygiene services required for asbestos removal works including;

•       Background air monitoring
•       Clearance air monitoring
•       Visual clearance certificate
•       Project Management
•       In-house sample analysis testing facilities
•       Portable laboratories
•       Smoke tests
•       Negative air pressure tests
•       Supervision for asbestos removal works
•       Synthetic mineral fibre air monitoring

Hazardous Materials Assessments

Hazardous materials risk assessments and surveys detail the location and condition of asbestos and other hazardous materials that may be disturbed during demolition or refurbishment works on a building, structure, ship or plant where asbestos is fixed or installed.

Identifibre’s hazardous materials risk assessments are extensive, clear and precise and include a range of hazardous materials including;

• Asbestos
• Lead
• Synthetic Mineral Fibre (SMF)
• Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
• Biological Hazards such as mould, pigeon droppings or animal carcasses

Asbestos In The Home

If you are concerned about a material, you should have the sample analysed for the presence of asbestos. Identifibre makes this process easy, you can either;

• Bring the sample into our office during business hours (Identifibre Pty Ltd, 67 Atherton Road, Oakleigh VIC 3166) or;

• Post the sample double bagged in sealed zip lock bags, with the sample details, such as location & your contact details (we can email you a form to put with the sample – or;

• We can arrange for a consultant to collect the sample from your house, please contact our office during business hours (03) 9563 2957 or

Client Feedback


At Identifibre Pty Ltd we value your feedback, If you have a couple of minutes please click the link above and fill out the form.

Let us know how we are doing or if there are any areas we could be doing better! We value your opinion.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Identifibre Pty Ltd offers asbestos awareness training which provides guidance on identifying asbestos containing materials and how to work safely where asbestos may be suspected or confirmed.

The course covers information including;

• Overview of asbestos materials
• Detailed information on asbestos containing materials
• Information on where asbestos is commonly located
• Worksafe requirements & legislation
• Employer obligations
• Managing asbestos in the workplace
• Certificate of completion for participants


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