Workplace Surveys & Risk Assessments

Identifibre Pty Ltd can assist your workplace to comply with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and the Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations.

The regulations state “the person with management or control of a workplace must identify asbestos containing materials and produce an asbestos register, with details of the location, form, type and condition of the asbestos”.

Identifibre can carry out this assessment, known in Victoria as a Division 5 Asbestos in the Workplace Survey and Risk Assessment in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner.

The person with management or control of a workplace must assess whether asbestos is present at their workplace and if so they must maintain and make available an asbestos register along with a management plan. The register must be reviewed and updated at least every 5 years.


Asbestos registers prepared by Identifibre Pty Ltd comply with division 5 asbestos in workplaces section under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (VIC) 2017.

There is no mandatory format for the asbestos register. However, it must be current and include the following information and should also contain a copy of all sample analysis reports;

  • Location of the asbestos
  • Likely source of unfixed or uninstalled asbestos
  • Type of asbestos containing materials
  • Whether the asbestos is friable or non-friable
  • Condition of the asbestos containing materials
  • Whether the asbestos containing materials is likely to be damaged or disturbed
  • Details of all inaccessible areas likely to contain asbestos
  • Detailed information about activities carried out in the workplace that are likely to disturb the asbestos
  • Dates when the identification and risk assessments were done


Identifibre’s NATA accredited in-house laboratory provides a NATA accredited sample analysis report for all samples collected.

The survey involves the physical inspection of the site, collection of material samples and consideration of other relevant information. A comprehensive report is provided which provides the following information:


If you have plans of the site you can email quotes directly at

  • NATA accredited sample analysis results of material collected
  • An asbestos and/or hazardous materials register
  • Recommendations and priorities for control of hazards prior to works commencing
  • A risk assessment of the potential for exposure of personnel to airborne asbestos or other hazards