Meth Lab Testing

Identifibre Pty Ltd has experienced Occupational Hygienists that can perform instant, onsite testing to detect the presence of Methamphetamine residues above the safe level of .50µg per 100cm2 

The initial onsite tests can be used as a guide prior to completing full forensic swab testing and laboratory analysis. They are usually a good starting point when you suspect the presence of methamphetamine. 


Forensic Swab Testing & Laboratory Analysis 

Our experienced consultants can conduct a full forensic laboratory analysis when the instant test has shown a positive reading.
The object of this testing is determine the level of contamination and the degree of the decontamination that is required. 


As there are many variants, no two properties can be treated the same our experienced consultants can help with the complete site-specific report and recommendations. 


If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us during business hours on (03) 9563 2957 or