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1 Jan 1970

Information for those arranging an asbestos assessment

The asbestos safety and eradication agency have created a handy brochure on information for arranging an asbestos assessment.


Identifibre can carry out any asbestos assessment you may require. Division 5 asbestos in the workplace assessments & Division 6 hazardous materials risk assessments.

Asbestos Awareness Fact Sheets


Working with asbestos safely around your house, Asbestos Awareness have created some useful fact sheets !

Asbestos washed up on the beaches of Darwin

Interesting read following a rough history of wars and cyclones, debris including asbestos debris is still washing up on the beaches of Darwin all these years later!

Asbestos Waste Dumper Jailed

Three years jail for Sydneys most notorius asbestos waste dumper!! Certainly not worth illegally dumping material!