Tradies Can't Pick Asbestos

5 Apr 2018


An article in the Herald Sun Sunday newspaper highlights that three in four tradies admit they find it difficult to identify asbestos! In fact only 17% of electricians had received any training in relation to asbestos. 

Why risk your health & work without knowledge when Identifibre has a fantastic asbestos awareness training course that can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, it can be held onsite or in our state of the art training room in Oakleigh. 

Who is the course useful for?

With asbestos present in many Australian buildings, it is important for a wide range of individuals to undertake some form of asbestos awareness course. From construction workers to plumbers to property managers.

The course includes:

•    Overview of asbestos materials
•    Detailed information on asbestos containing materials
•    Information on where asbestos is commonly located
•    Worksafe requirements & legislation
•    Employer obligations
•    Managing asbestos in the workplace


For more information please do not hesiate to contact us on 03 9563 2957 or


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